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“Behind the neon glow lies a darker truth – welcome to ‘Vegas Arcana.’”

In the neon buzz of Las Vegas, Malcolm Byrne discovers a secret: magic is real, and it’s everywhere. Thrust into the hidden conflict between the Deck Runners, who channel their magic through playing cards, and the Peerage, traditional magicians wary of their methods, Malcolm finds himself at the heart of a dangerous game when Cassie Draven, a member of the Peerage with her own sinister motives and ambitions, emerges as a formidable threat.

“Vegas Arcana: Deck Runner’s Gambit” races through a world of shadowy magic and shifting alliances. Engage in a riveting tale of magic, mystery, and the fight for balance in a city that never sleeps.


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BIO: James Anderson Foster, a name whispered in the wind and inscribed in the annals of time, is not just an author but a modern-day swashbuckler whose tales rival the adventures he pens. Born under a wandering star, Foster’s exact age remains a mystery, fueling rumors that he might have been treading the earth for centuries, a timeless spirit chronicling the human condition.

With an insatiable thirst for adventure, James has sailed the seven seas aboard vessels that legends are made of, from ghostly galleons to the sleekest modern-day schooners, always with a quill in hand and a tale brewing in his heart. His experiences range from dueling with pirates under the Caribbean moonlight to seeking ancient treasures hidden within the crevices of forgotten civilizations.

Foster’s writing studio is rumored to be an ever-moving caravan, traversing through deserts, jungles, and the hearts of bustling cities, capturing the essence of the human spirit in every corner of the world. His companions? A loyal crew of misfits and dreamers, each with their own tale of redemption and adventure, inspired by the people he’s met in his timeless wanderings.

His bibliography is as diverse as his travels, featuring titles that whisper of lost love, daring heroics, and the eternal struggle between freedom and fate. Critics often marvel at the depth of his characters, not realizing that each one is a shadow of Foster himself or the souls he’s encountered in his boundless journey.

Despite his legendary status, James Anderson Foster remains an enigma, a silhouette against the setting sun, leaving behind a trail of stories that continue to inspire those who dare to dream of a life unbound by time or convention. In every page he writes, there lies an invitation to embark on the greatest adventure of all: to live a life so full, so rich, that it becomes a legend of its own.